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Club Safety Rules
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Rules and Regulations
Shooters and spectators must register at the club house upon entering the grounds and before proceeding to course or field. Please remove all guns from cases in vehicle, leaving gun cases in vehicle. Upon entering, please place all guns open and empty in the gun racks provided.
Shady Creek’s course is zoned for shotgun use only. Discharge of any other firearm is prohibited.

Ear and eye protection are required to be worn by shooters and spectators at all times.
When not on shooting station, your gun must be empty and the action left open at all times. Over/unders must be carried broke open. 5-Stand shooters must unload and keep action open when moving between shooting stands.
Gun muzzle must always be pointed either up (when traveling) or down the firing range (when ready to shoot). Never point the muzzle of a firearm at anything you are not willing to harm.
Load only when on the designated shooting station and only after the shooting area is secure. If you are not in a station, your gun should not be loaded. Never turn around toward others when on station with a loaded gun.
Only one person shoots at a time at the designated shooting station. Backup shooting is not allowed.
If shooing pairs, do not load more than two shells in the gun. If only shooting single targets, do not load more than one shell in gun.
Use of any shot size other than 7.5, 8 or 9 is prohibited.  Shell size cannot exceed 3 drams of powder, 1 1/8 ounce shot, or shot size larger than 7.5.
Unload before leaving the shooting station.  Never travel with a loaded gun.
Shooters must always unload and yield to workers filling or repairing the traps in the field area. All guns must be unloaded and muzzles pointed up or away from persons.  Never push the pull cord buttons that release the targets until the worker has left the field area.
Notify management of trap problems.  Do not approach trap machines.
Minors must be under close supervision by a parent or guardian at all times.
No shooter is ever to enter or remain on said premises if they are under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs or medications, both for their own safety and that of the other shooters.
Firearms must be in good working condition.
Never put your finger on the trigger of a firearm until the sights are on the target.
Always be sure of your target and what is behind it before firing.
Never carry more than two different gauges of ammunition. (i.e. 12 gauge and 20 gauge)
Never tighten choke tubes when your gun is loaded.
Shooting from the hip or any other place other than from the shoulder is strictly prohibited.
Never handle another shooter’s gun without permission.
Should you experience an ammunition or gun malfunction, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction until the firearm is rendered safe.  If the previous shot did not sound normal, when safe check your chamber and bore for blockage.  Rods are provided at the gun racks to unplug barrels that may have an obstruction after a ‘dud” or “blooper” load.
While waiting your turn to shoot, always insure your position does not infringe upon other shooter’s line of fire or field of view.
Practice swings and/or dry pointing at clays, other targets or objects is not permitted unless you are in your designated shooting station.
The shooting of any wildlife and/or other inanimate objects other than clay targets is strictly forbidden.
Always stay on the designated pathways.  No one allowed in restricted areas or off pathways at any time.
No one without a valid drivers license is allowed to operate any kind of motor vehicle including but not limited to cars, trucks, golf or clay carts, and any ATV’s.
Please no littering.  Please extinguish smoking materials in containers provided.
Please no soliciting.
No pets allowed without prior permission. If given permission, all pets must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.  At no time are pets allowed in the clubhouse.
Target key cards are the responsibility of the shooter.  Shooter will be charged $960 per card for failure to return their assigned “count up” target key card. Lost prepaid “count down” target key cards are nonrefundable.
The natural environment or the trap machine can cause targets to break.  After 3 broken targets from the same trap machine, it becomes the shooter’s responsibility to notify management of trap problems and skip and go to the next station in order not to be charged for extra targets on shooter’s assigned target key card. 
Please report any unsafe conditions to management immediately.
All shooters must unload and step out of the shooting station when requested to do so by Shady Creek staff. Shady Creek reserves the right to deny shooting privileges or access for any unsafe and/or unsportsmanlike conduct. Failure to follow posted rules will result in the shooters removal from the shooting grounds.
Above all, THINK “SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS”!  Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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